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Excellent lures for fishing in Lake Guajataca P.R.

Here are some good lures for using in lake Guajataca, P.R. for Large Mouth Bass and Peacock Bass.

Plastic worms in dark reddish colors are the favorite down here for Large Mouth Bass, it is used with a bullet shaped weight, 1/8 or 1/4 of a oz., it is used with hooks size 2/0, 3/0, or 4/0, the point of the hook is embedded in the body to avoid hook ups.  To be deadly effective depends on the ability of the fisherman to present the worm to look life like in movement along the bottom and among structures.  The plastic worm is moved slowly along the bottom around the shore and structures, very small tugs and releases are given to make the worm appear life like as it is slowly retrieved.  Practicing with a plastic worm in clear water along the shore could help you understand better what movents of the tip of the fishing rod give the plastic worm a life like appearance in movement.

The Rapala Shad Rap Deep Runner is one of my favorites for trolling.  To troll the lure you run the boat slowly, checking the movement of the lure in water first along side the boat to see what speed gives the lure a life like movement/appearance, then you continue with that speed trolling the lure about 150 feet behind the boat. I use either a 12 pound test line or a 14 pound test line while trolling, make sure the drag on the reel is adjust to avoid line breaks from sudden hits of big bass.   Using a good Shad smelling attractant on the lure while trolling is a good idea, a good attractant should have amino acids to active the feeding instinct of the fish.   

Using a Fish ID sonar device can help you fish with the Shad Rap deep runners.  They come in different sizes and dive at different depths.   Study your sonar screen to see how deep the big fish are hanging out.  Then take 2 of these deep runners that dive the depth the big fish are and troll with them using a good attractant, troll them on each side of the boat.  Remember to take in mind that fish have their eyes on top of their heads, so pick a deep runner that will dive above their heads so that they can see it.  You can adjust the depth that the Shad Rap deep runners a little by letting out more line, the more line you let out the heavier the line is and this will make the lure dive a little bit more.  Lets say a deep runner that dives at 10 ft. with 100 feet of line for a example, if you let out 150 ft of line the deep runner will dive to 11 or 12 feet due to the weight of the extra line you let out.  Take all these factors in mind and you are bound to catch a big one.

The Rattle Trap uses steel bb's in a chamber to make noise to attract the fish and provoke a hit.  The Bomber has a mirror inside, uses bb's and the flash of the mirror to provoke a bite.  Both are good when using them with a good attractant.  These may be used for casting about 20 feet from the shore and running them or trolling. 

To catch Catfish it is better to use bloody bait, fresh or live bait.  Live worms, live minnows or shads, chicken liver and land snails are good bait.  You can gather big live land snails along the shores near trees in the shade, you then break open the shell and use the meat and guts inside as bait.  You may use this with a weight or with out a weight, me I prefer to use live bait and other baits with out a weight.  The bad part about Catfishing is that it takes a long time, once you throw in the bait it should be left in the water for a least a hour or two, so that the Catfish can pick up the smell of the bait to bite it.  Me I leave the line loose and I let the Catfish sallow the bait with the hook. 

There are small tropical stream fish that can be used for bait that are known as Spade Fish, they make excellent live bait.  A small hook is inserted thru the nose or thru the shoulder as to keep the bait alive and moving to attract the game fish.

Very small Sunfish and Tilapias also make good live bait.  These can be caught with a very small hook using pieces of worms and small squeezed pieces of fresh bread.

Here are other good lures for fishing in Lake Guajataca, P.R..

One of the favorites is the white jig, it is a small jig that has a tail made of feathers and has a shinny gold color hook that flashes a little.  This jig is used casting about 20 to or from the shore and while retrieving it at a moderate speed small tugs are given to the jig to make it appear as if is a wounded bait fish.  Me I put two jigs on at once, about 10 inches apart, putting them this way, when I give a little tug on the line, the jigs look like they are little bait fish playing around, when the biting is good at times I catch two Peacock Bass at the same time.

Other good lures are the top water lures, these lures are good when the fish are very active at the top of the water.  Poppers are used using small tugs on the lure, so that the small splashing sound the make attracts the game fish and they think it is a wounded bait fish on top of the water's surface in trouble.   Torpedo lures with shinny propellers are also a good top water lure, creating noise, small flashes and provoking the game fish to strike, these are also used by giving the line small tugs.

Silver or chrome spoons are also good when the Sun is shinning.  This lure is used running it at a moderate speed.  The shinny silver surface creates flashes that makes the lure look like a minnow or a shad trying to escape.

All of these lures are good for Large Mouth Bass, Peacock Bass, large Tilapias and large Sunfish at lake Guajataca, P.R..

I have tried every lure on the market and these are the lures that give me the best results here at Lake Guajataca, P.R..

 Fishing Tips:

A small hook catches more fish than a big hook.  Why?  If the hook is too big it will not fit in the fish's mouth and it will eat your bait and get away.

Always observe what the fish are eating, find out what type of bait fish the body of water has and use a lure that looks like that bait fish.  Using live worms after it rains works well when you do it next to a flowing stream of water that empties into the lake, the stream of mud and water brings insects and worms into the lake and the fish are waiting for them there.  Throw out the live worm with a hook only, no weight and let the flow of water take it out to them, or throw it out just behind the cloudy water where the water is clear.

When you see fish hitting a school of bait fish, use a lure that looks like the bait fish or use white jigs and throw them in the middle of the school of bait fish and jig them with little tugs to make them look wounded.

The best color for jig in fresh water is white, yellow jigs work well in salt water.  Bright colored lures are good for days when the water is cloudy or muddy.

You can use a 9 ft. bamboo pole for catching bait fish.  Just take a very small white lure and walk down a steep shore jigging the lure under trees to catch small Sunfish, Perch and other small fish.  Have another line handy with a good hook to use the live fish for live bait and throw them out in the water about 20 feet from shore.

After catching a few big fish, make sure you cut off the line and re-tie the lure.  Although Bass do not have sharp teeth, they do have a sand paper like surface in their mouths that wears the line, cut the line about 1 foot above the lure and re-tie.  This will help you to keep from losing your favorite lures.

Using the Moon for forecasting a good day's fishing can be done.  Fish are more active when there is a full moon.  When you see a full moon at night, this means the fish will be more active this night, which means they will be more hungry in the morning and you will get more hits.  I find that the morning after the 2nd night of a full moon to be the day the fish are hitting best.

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